Reconstruction / Rebuild

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Reconstruction / Rebuild

Many times during the initial cleanup process whether it be due to Water, Fire, Smoke, or Mold damage the removal of construction materials may be necessary.

Trifecta Property Restoration specializes in performing the put back of all construction finishes and materials removed during the process, or damaged during the initial event. This is an extremely valuable asset to both owners and insurance company representatives as you only have to deal with one entity through the entire process.

TriFecta Property Restoration is fully licensed and insured to perform any and all rebuilds; be it residential, commercial, structural, or cosmetic, of any size and any timeline. Again, we work hand in had with owners and insurance representatives, through constant communication with both entities, throughout the entire process from start to finish. 

We also utilize the latest insurance software programs such as Xactimate, Symbility, and Xactanalysis to streamline the communication / billing processes.

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